Like most of you, the passion for collecting and customizing Hotwheels™ started early. What we couldn’t afford at a very young age only drove the fascination I have with this 1:64 car culture.

From a Collector to a Customizer.



Being a collector first gave me the foundation for this obsession. I never realized that my diecast hobby would turn into a community.

So it began... It was 15 years ago when I first started customizing my car collection. Taking them apart and putting them back together was challenging and extremely fun at the same time. I would switch out parts and customize them to make them look cool. I would then trade them with other collectors, but often people just wanted to buy them.


"I realized what was missing so we created it!"

As I got more involved with customizing, I quickly realized the lack of quality parts I needed to take my game to the next level. Not to mention the stage a diecast car needs to be before designing. So I began making my own metal wheels and started chroming the bodies. When I attended events to share my experiences with our community, It became clear that collectors and customizers alike were also looking for the same thing - Top notch quality products that add value and help create individual masterpieces.



Humble Beginnings

My dedication to provide value to our community is the pillar of House of 164. With a team that lives and breathe the 1:64 culture, we share the same passion with each and everyone of you. We realize that our individuality makes us all unique and how it plays an important role in our lives & hobbies. The feeling of pride that falls over us when the last coat of paint is applied, and after the final piece has been installed.


House of 164 can help you turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.